Quick Tip: Plan it All Early (and Prepare to Follow Through)

Willpower is strongest in the morning but wanes as evening approaches. So make your fitness decisions early and prepare:

  • Determine what you’re going to eat and when after waking up (or the night before)
  • If you’re going to exercise after work/school/whatever, put your bag and gym clothes in the car so you won’t go home and just fall on the couch
  • Meeting friends or co-workers later for dinner/happy hour? Try to determine where you’re eating — look up the menu online — pick out your food (and order first)
  • Have contingency plans set up. If the vending machine is your last resort, determine what you should and shouldn’t eat (pork rinds > Oreos).

Planning your day in the A.M. increases the chances that you’ll follow through.


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