All Fours Fitness

All Fours Fitness

What is All Fours Fitness?

“It’s fitness on the go with this 10 minute plan to a better you.  No weights or fancy equipment necessary, you come equipped with everything you need.  All Fours Fitness is the only exercise system that trains the entire body anaerobically and aerobically simultaneously.

The secret to it’s effectiveness is training system based on the movements of animals. It’s bio-mechanics emulates that of four-legged creatures. Training in this manner develops the total body agility, power, flexibility, and stamina that animals naturally possess. The system trains the core, the forepaws (shoulders, arms, upper back, chest), the quads (as well as the entire thigh area), and the calves. The system is designed to enhance cardio-vascular fitness, strength training and agility all-in-one seamless workout. It’s a complete training regimen that engages the entire body in just 10 minutes. The maneuvers are fun yet challenging which keeps the routine from getting, well … routine.  As always, consult your physician before attempting any new exercise regimen.”

How to use this program?

“This workout is designed to be a quick full-body routine.  You can do these exercises anywhere.  Simply pick any 4 drills and take 10 minutes out of your day for your body.  I promise you’ll feel better for it.”


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