Bodyweight 500 Workout

Think you’ve got what it takes? Try this very challenging workout by Craig Ballantyne.


1 – Do 50 Prisoner Squats, get in a squat position and place your hands behind your head. Be sure to keep your elbows back as this will force your upper back to work a little more in this exercise.

2 – Do 50 push-ups – Split these up however you like. (Do 10 reps 5 times, 25 reps two times, 5 reps 10 times) It’s up to you and your abilities.

3 – Do 25 Jumps – With Bodyweight 500 Workout Challenge exercise be sure in this exercise that you brace your body for the landing so as to reduce the impact on your body. So, once you come down into the regular squat position, you’ll jump right back up in the air, arms extended.

4 – Do 25 Leg Curls – This is a tough bodyweight exercise. Especially after the jumps and squats. To begin, lie on the floor, with your feet up on the stability ball, bridge your hips up in the air, and contract your hamstrings to bring the ball into your body and then back out.

5 – Do 50 Stability Ball Jackknives. This one is tricky if you haven’t done it before. Place your elbows on a bench, feet on the stability ball, keeping your body in a straight line, bring your knees to your chest and then back out.

6 – Do 50 Step-ups – 25 for each leg. Make sure to keep your foot up on the bench at all times, and then switch over to the other leg. Also, be sure to not stand too close to the bench as this focuses more attention on the quadriceps, rather than the glutes.

You are now half way through the Bodyweight 500 Workout challenge Reps!

7 – Do 25 Pull-ups – This is where things are going to slow down for a lot of people. If you cannot do pull-ups, then you can do the bodyweight inverted rows instead.

8 – Do 50 Lunges – Alternate sides with each lunge counting as a repetition. Be sure in this exercise to keep your back straight. After the lunges, you will perform 50 close-grip push-ups where your triceps will definitely be feeling the burn after you’ve finished all of the repetitions.

Bodyweight 500 Workout Challenge 3 Exercise Combination to finish it off.

Do 50 Bodyweight inverted rows. More than likely, you will need to break up the 50 repetitions. For this exercise, use an overhand grip and bring your chest up to the bar and keep your shoulder blades back.

Do 50 Bodyweight Squats. Keep your hands out in front of you for balance.

Do 25 Underhand grip chin-ups. Break these 25 up into however many chunks of repetitions that you need to.

That’s it for the Bodyweight 500 Workout Challenge. When Craig Ballantyne first did this he got 27 minutes. Be sure to make the time limits of the previous workout before moving on to the next challenge. Have fun and good luck!

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